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Carney and Company summer interns, Madelynn Ayscue and Kaitlyn Baker

Rocky Mount, NC — Two college students, Madelynn Ayscue, an ECU student from Louisburg, and Kaitlyn Baker, a Samford University student from Rocky Mount, will be learning marketing communications, innovation and customer service skills this summer at Carney & Co., the Marketing Innovation Agency™.

“We are pleased to welcome two outstanding students this summer,” said Skip Carney, agency President and CSO. “We are always happy when we can encourage young people to work in our industry and live in this area.”

Ayscue, who lives in Louisburg, is about to start her junior year at East Carolina University. She is in the College of Business with a concentration in finance. During her time at ECU, Madelynn has been on the honor roll and has maintained a GPA of 3.44. “I am excited to see where this journey through marketing will take me,” she said. “I had not originally planned on a marketing internship, but I feel as if God sees more than just finance in my life.” She added that she is looking forward to learning more about communication, problem-solving, and how to be more independent at Carney & Co.

Baker, a Rocky Mount native, is a rising junior at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. She is majoring in journalism and mass communication with concentrations in both print and public relations. “I am eager to learn more about what I love and get experience in what may be a future career,” Baker said. “The team at Carney & Co. is excellent, and I am looking forward to working alongside them as I explore my passions and interests.” Kaitlyn has experience in writing, editing and graphic design. These skills will help Carney and Company’s team flourish amidst their busy summer schedule.

Carney and Company marketing interns collaborating in the conference room

Carney & Co, the Marketing Innovation Agency, has been taking care of brands since 1980 and focuses on Marketing Innovation using its unique ReVision™ process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems. With offices in Rocky Mount and Greensboro, the company is positioned to work with clients throughout the southeast.

For more information, contact Jessica McKnight at 252-451-0060 or jessica@carneyco.com.

Elisabeth Farnsworth - Account Coordinator

(Rocky Mount, NC) – Carney & Company, The Marketing Innovation Agency™, has welcomed new Account Coordinator, Elisabeth Farnsworth, to their team.

“Carney & Company is a very dynamic marketing agency, with a focus on creativity. I am excited to be a part of the excellent work they do for their clients,” said Farnsworth.

Farnsworth, who lives in Wilson, has been the Executive Director for Wilson Area Habitat for Humanity for the past two years. She was the Marketing and Education Director for the Arts Council of Wilson from 2013 to 2017. She used her marketing and public relations skills to help both organizations grow and increase their public outreach.

“Elisabeth has a track record of success in helping solve problems for people and organizations,” said Jessica McKnight, Vice President and ReVisioneer with Carney & Co. “Her focus on managing our clients’ marketing communications will allow us to continue to expand our reach and help companies through ReVision™, a strategic process for marketing innovation to help businesses and organizations thrive.”

Farnsworth graduated from ECU with a degree in Business Management and Promotion. She is a native of Brookhaven, Mississippi, and moved to Wilson in 2009. Elisabeth is a member of the Wilson Family YMCA Board of Directors and has served on the Wilson Healthcare Foundation of Wilson Pink Ladies Executive Committee and the Wilson Chamber of Commerce Diamond Dip Committee. She served as secretary of the Wilson Active Artists Association and on the Arts Council Board of Directors and the Wilson Medical Center Auxiliary Board. She was president of the Wilson Medical Society Alliance and chaired the Wilson Medical Society Alliance Health Fair from 2009 to 2012. Elisabeth is a visual artist, musician, and a mother to three children.

Carney & Co. was founded by Skip Carney in 1980. It helps clients with marketing, advertising and public relations programs using its ReVision process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems. Carney & Co. uses this tool to fulfill its mission: “To help clients grow with smart strategies, bold ideas, and flawless creative execution.”

For more information, contact Jessica McKnight at 252-451-0060 or jessica@carneyco.com.

(Rocky Mount, NC) – Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency™, has expanded its Rocky Mount staff with the addition of Seth Davis, a native of Nashville, NC. Davis will assist the team with copywriting, market research and digital marketing projects as a Marketing Fellow. The Marketing Fellowship program affords recent graduates the opportunity to “hit the ground running” in the agency and rotate among the different client service and creative departments. 

Davis, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism, is excited about this first step in his marketing career. “I’ve been here two weeks and am already elbow-deep in a research project for the company VP and other agency and client projects,” said Davis. “I’m excited to see our unique ReVision™ process in action with clients.”

 Skip Carney, President and CSO at Carney & Co., gives more insight into the program and their new hire: “Seth grew up here, got a great education at Carolina, and has the potential to make a difference for the agency and our clients in the Marketing Fellowship program. We look forward to seeing Seth fulfill that potential.”

“Unlike a typical intern, Fellows are immediately valuable to agency clients because they bring up-to-the-moment technological, market and generational ideas to the table based on their background and advanced education,” Carney said.

For more information, contact Jessica McKnight at 252.451.0060 or jessica@carneyco.com.


About Carney & Co.:

Carney & Co. was founded by Skip Carney in 1980. They help clients with marketing, advertising and public relations programs using their ReVision™ process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems. Carney & Co. uses this tool to fulfill its mission: “To help clients grow with smart strategies, bold ideas and flawless creative execution”.

(Rocky Mount, NC) – Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency™, is thrilled to welcome Bill Sellers back to their Rocky Mount team. Sellers is returning after 12 years to spearhead Carney & Co.’s digital marketing efforts.

“After being away for a number of years at agencies across North Carolina, the way Carney & Co. markets has changed drastically,” Sellers said. “If I had to pick one reason for returning to the agency, I would say it is their commitment to continually learn and grow in order to provide the most innovative solutions to their clients. Being a consummate learner, that means a lot to me. I look forward to being a helpful addition to an already amazing team, and a trusted partner for our clients, especially with the expansion into the Triad area.”

“We are very fortunate to have Bill back,” said Skip Carney, President and CSO of Carney & Co. “Bill’s experiences have shaped and matured him for the new challenges in marketing and technology. His return enables us to hit the ground running this new year and continue providing innovative solutions to our clients.”

For more information, contact Jessica McKnight at (252) 451.0060 or jessica@carneyco.com.


About Carney & Co.:

Carney & Co. was founded by Skip Carney in 1980. They help clients with marketing, advertising and public relations programs using their ReVision™ process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems. Carney & Co. uses this tool to fulfill its mission: “To help clients grow with smart strategies, bold ideas and flawless creative execution”.

This year took us to new frontiers. We established a second office in the Triad, allowing us to better serve central and western North Carolina. The new office is coming along nicely, thanks to Skip’s artistic eye and Jessica’s perseverance.

The walls are awaiting a fresh coat of paint (Carney blue, anyone?). Then we will share the final product. We cannot wait to host Triad clients at our new location.

In addition to locations, we also expanded our digital marketing services. Our new hires have allowed us to dig deeper into social media, Google Adwords and other digital marketing platforms. We have been in digital for awhile – we even have our own green screen and studio to create web commercials in-house – but the landscape is constantly changing, and we’ve been transforming along with it.

However, transforming services doesn’t compare to changing hearts and souls. We were pleased to produce and promote the ReNew18 Pastors Conference at North Carolina Wesleyan College this October. Skip was on the speaking panel alongside President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources Thom Rainer, and President of Artistry Labs Richard Reising. Thom Rainer has authored more than two dozen books on church.

It was at this conference Skip launched his first book, “The Greatest Church in the World.” Our CSO penned a modern parable, outlining ten guidelines any church can follow to become The Greatest Church in the World. Proceeds from the book benefit the Foundation for Christian Education.

Skip has been sharing the book’s message far and wide. Visit facebook.com/skipcarneyauthor for more information on his upcoming author events.

We were also fortunate to produce and promote the Marketing Innovation Experience at North Carolina Wesleyan. This event went by the nickname MiX, or #MiX18NC for the social media savvy. It was an empowering conference, and Skip spoke on a panel of great innovators.

Amidst all the changes, our ReVision process remained a staple in the unique services we provide. We enjoyed facilitating four large ReVision sessions this year, with some mini-sessions sprinkled in.

Skip founded this marketing innovation agency in January 1980. Here we are nearly 39 years later, as passionate and innovative as ever. Thank you to all our clients and contacts. You challenge us to be the best version of ourselves, and we are fortunate to play a role in your success.

Thank you for letting us serve you another year. We know 2019 will be our best yet.

No doubt about it, innovation is the buzzword of the decade, maybe the century. From Amazon to Zappos, innovation abounds and companies strive to emulate, replicate, and instigate it. The latest, disturbing trend is the Department of Innovation and the inevitable VP of Innovation. There are 7628 listings on Indeed.com that include the word “innovation” in the title or job description. Likewise, Linkedin.com.

What are these people thinking?

“We need it. We don’t know what it is, but we gotta have it so let’s put somebody in charge of it.” I’ve heard it more times than I can count and I am convinced this may be the absolute fastest way to go out of business. An entire company will sit around waiting for the “VP of I” to hand down insights and revelations. Not even Steve Jobs could handle that kind of pressure. The greatest, most innovative companies are not led by  “innovators”. They are led by people who inspire innovation while demanding excellence and focus.

The truth about innovation.

Innovation doesn’t come from a department, and rarely does it spring from a single person. It comes from a commitment to problem-solving. Companies that are committed to solving their customers’ problems always find ways to innovate, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose. The point is, they are always looking for opportunities to innovate. 3M and Proctor & Gamble rarely make the headlines, but they get it, and that’s why they’ve excelled as long as they have.

It has to be in your culture.

So, don’t tell your team that you’ve decided to become an innovation organization. Instead, get everyone to start identifying and solving customer problems all the time. Create a culture of innovation. (Just don’t call it that.) The ideas will flow, the solutions will come, and your customers will recognize and reward the effort.


ReVision™ is the cure for the common committee and focuses on solving problems. Kick-start innovation as a culture within your organization. Learn more @ www.revisionprocess.com.

GREENSBORO, North Carolina — Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency™ that sprouted in Rocky Mount, NC, is expanding to Greensboro. The new office added Melanie Brender to its staff last month as Social Media and Account Coordinator.

“Because our company is positioned for major growth, we have opened a second location and added key talent,” said Skip Carney, President and CSO of Carney & Co. “Melanie is prepared to help us take on new clients and spread the effectiveness of the ReVision™ process.”

Jessica McKnight, head of the Greensboro office, said, “Our company values transparency, hard work and flexibility. Melanie contains all these traits and more. She will be an integral part of the Greensboro team.” McKnight was appointed to Vice President, ReVisioneer, and head of the new office in May.

Brender boasts a unique background in lobbying, sports marketing, editorial work and non-profit promotion. Immediately after college, she managed accounts with the Michigan Dental Association and city of Detroit for Truscott Rossman, a public relations agency based in Lansing, Michigan. She later learned brand and event promotion as a professional runner for the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project.

“I am thrilled to be working with such an established, solution-focused firm, especially one dedicated to strong, female leaders such as Jessica,” Brender said. “She hired me on to a forward-thinking team with its eyes on innovation and growth.”

For more information, contact Melanie Brender at (252) 451.0060 or melanie@carneyco.com.

About Carney & Co.:
Carney & Co. was founded by Skip Carney in 1980. They help clients with marketing, advertising and public relations programs using their ReVision™ process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems. Carney & Co. uses this tool to fulfill its mission: “to help clients grow with smart strategies, bold ideas and flawless creative execution”.

Maybe your company or organization is facing some milestone moments and looking to get a better foothold on the future, like the fine folks at Braswell Family Farms.

While Carney & Co. doesn’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we saw the potential along with the leadership team at Braswell Family Farms to ReVision the 74-year-old company. The premier supplier of poultry feed and eggs in the mid-Atlantic and southeast, the company was facing challenges in the path they could see for the future, including becoming a commodity in the marketplace. With third-generation family leadership stepping up, they took advantage of a 2-day ReVision to go through the process of identifying innovation in their business by determining the WHY? within their company and their customers.

Together, we were able to identify solutions to key problems, both internally and externally, clarifying the company’s future direction and the roles of its employees, and repositioning their brand to showcase the quality and value of their specialty feed and eggs.

The result was a better understanding among employees of what lay (no pun intended) ahead of them and what their responsibilities were. The new branding strategy created a more unified message, which emphasized the company’s family-owned-and-operated aspect and made it clear that they were dedicated to the quality of the final product from feed to food, with the tagline, “We are eggs.”

A new campaign was then put into action which utilized this refocused identity, resulting in four awards at the most recent Marketing Communications Agency Network competition. These included a Gold award for Mass Transit, Silver awards for Corporate Identity and Public Relations, and a Bronze award for Trade Magazine Ad. And, by marketing innovation, Braswell Family Farms is standing out from the flock.

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Whether you live in a town where there’s a bank on every corner, or a town where there are only two banks in the whole town, you want a bank that treats you like a friend. With benefits.

At Southern Bank, that starts with being exactly who they are… Southern. Where hospitality is a given and the people behind the counter are the same ones sitting next to you at the big game on Saturday or church on Sunday. Where, when you pass at the grocery store, you say “Hey!

More often than not, what you say tells just as much about you as how you say it.

Through strategic marketing based on the ReVision process, Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency, helped Southern Bank better communicate their unique personal and professional banking relationship style. By being better business partners with firms in their hometowns, Southern’s community involvement not only leads to positive business interactions, but more importantly, makes an impact on the local community.

Take for instance, the Greenville, NC, area, home of East Carolina University. With 5 locations within a 20 minute radius, Southern Bank is an integral part of ECU and the Greenville area. Rather than focus on the beautiful banking facilities, convenience or services, Southern speaks volumes through their partnerships in the community. The Southern Star Awards recognize local folks for helping make a positive impact in their community. And sponsorship at home football games with a Jumbotron Spot brings the entire stadium in on the act, with 20,000 fans shouting Southern’s signature “Hey!”

click to enlarge

The campaign received multiple awards at the annual Marketing Communications Agency Network competition for Television, Business-to-Business Sales Sheet Series, Public Relations Broadcasts, Brochures, and the Television Campaign: At Southern Bank, we say “Hey!”

Southern can easily say they can make your money work for you. They have all the bells and whistles to do your banking in a branch, in your office, or in your pajamas. But the difference, the Southern difference, is that Southern speaks their customers’ language. They’ve been doing it since 1901.

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Innovative solution introduced in award-winning campaign.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a hot topic on every homeowner’s mind and Carney & Co. client Field Controls has an innovative solution in their Healthy Home System. This ultimate air purification system also saves money because it is added to the existing HVAC system.

Click to enlarge

Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency, helped Field Controls market their innovation with a strategic, laser-focused plan to introduce the Healthy Home System to wholesale distributors and installation contractors. At the annual Marketing Communications Agency Network competition, six components of the campaign were specially recognized for creative excellence, including their Catalog, Trade Magazine Ad, Trade Show Exhibit, Point-of-Sale Media, Business-to-Business Sales Sheet and Package Design.

“Carney & Co. and Field Controls have worked in partnership for over 30 years,” said Patrick Holleran, President of Field Controls. “They get us. And they make us better. We’ve gotten out of our proverbial box and approach our marketing from our customers’ point of view, which has made all the difference.”

That sounds like a win-win-win to us!

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